Thank you for checking out our page!  After 25 years, Sheila and I are retired from full-time overseas missions, but are still involved as volunteers in the US and abroad. See below for the latest info, and how you can join with us in prayer and upcoming church-building trips in Belgium and elsewhere.

This was our family photo taken just before we returned to Russia, in about 1998.

This was taken in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1985 as part of our regular Friday night outreach on the streets of the city. I was the youth pastor. You get a prize if you can find me in this photo! (1985)



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WELCOME to our page!


We have raised, thanks to you, about $75,000 total to buy land for the first-ever protestant church in the city of Bastogne. This includes the money the church has saved ($23,000) and the money we have raised with your help (about $52,000). We are still expecting additional funds from AGWM for this. Since our last newsletter, we have spoken with our area director Tim Southerland and come up with what we all consider to be a better plan for these funds. This is to put the $52,000 in the Belgian Field Fellowship account instead of transferring it to the church building fund in Belgium.  If the church for whatever reason does not buy land within 2 years, then the funds will be used for church planting in Belgium, as decided by the AGWM missionaries of the Belgian Field Fellowship. We all feel this is the best plan. It covers all the contingencies. Our goal remains, of course, that the Bastogne church will continue to grow and that they will find the land needed for the building. SEVERAL US churches are ready and willing to come over and help build this church. We will keep you all posted as to progress.


My partner in this ministry is  Daniel Costanza, who is pastor of the Assembly of God church Christian Center in Brussels (Rhode Ste. Genese), Daniel told me has written both of the cable networks (Proximus and VOO) and has gotten no response from either.  He has since contacted a church member who works for VOO. We are also planning on getting support for this request from the national synod of Protestant churches and others. Please pray. The battle is not over.


We are working still with the leadership of the church in Bastogne. Each week we pray with the church leaders via Skype video and after that we discuss church business. There are plenty of problems. Blanche, one of our important leaders, is fighting cancer. Others are discouraged. Church attendance is down. Please  pray for a new pastor and/or more leaders. THANK YOU.


I have put my name on the district list as available for fill-in ministry, and am preaching and ministering regularly at the City Rescue Mission in Lansing. If you would like us to come to speak at your church, let us know. I will be headed to Guatemala in March to work for a week with a mission helping widows and orphans.  I am also recording my second CD with worship leader Laura Cokonougher, and in the midst of writing a new book. Sheila and are both thrilled that both are sons are living in the Lansing area now. It's a miracle that we are all together again. Sheila and I are also thankful for some rest. After four years in Beligum and almost a year of itineration, we are worn out. Thank you Lord for a season of rest! He said to them, "Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while." (Mark 6:31)